Kristin Lauer knows how to design, source, cost and produce displays that deliver quality brand experiences. With a global background in China, India, Singapore, Canada, Europe and the US, she is uniquely qualified to work with regional vendors, develop cross cultural creative teams, and execute with excellence on a variety of retail initiatives.  Her body of work includes visual merchandising and fabrication skills, design and execution of commercial interiors, window display, fixture design, decorative prop making, set design, photo styling and trade show exhibit. 
Applying her experience as a teacher and mentor to young artists, Kristin's management style (with both internal and external partners) is one that encourages creativity and productivity even in shortened timelines.  She continually fosters innovation as self-expression and has won much acclaim and loyalty as a leader who generously celebrates the success of her team members.
Kristin is well versed in retail trends and design nuances, and exceeds at understanding customer expectations, how to stop traffic and engage customers.   She holds an MFA in sculpture and video installation from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and celebrates the intersection of commercial and fine art in her work.
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